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What are the fees?
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We try to keep our fees as low as we can. However, we do need to cover the costs of operating Tab:

  • Card processing

  • Foreign exchange

  • Bank transfers

  • Customer support

We think it's fair for customers and businesses to share the cost of using Tab, so both groups pay a small fee.

Fees for Businesses

You don't have to pay any monthly fees, maintenance fees, or set-up fees - charges are made per transaction.

Our standard payment fee for businesses is 2.9%.


If you charge $100 USD, you receive $97.10 USD in your account.

We charge an additional $1 USD for each booking, where a customer pays you in advance.

Fees for Travellers

We charge travellers a fee of 4% when they use Tab, but because they can pay in their own currency they will not pay foreign card usage fees to their bank – and we use pure exchange rates with no hidden commission.

Bank fees for using a card abroad or getting cash from an ATM are typically 3-5%, so most travellers do not pay more to use Tab, even after our fee.

We always clearly show the Tab fee next to the currency rate when a customer pays, and on email receipts.

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